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Bhutan Tour

Bhutan for a small country boasts with wide range of interesting tour in the shade of historical background of its ancient forts known as Dzong-Palaces- Temples and impressive Buddhist Monasteries. Bhutan a unique travel destination where you can explore its hidden treasures of past glories enriched with ancient culture, religion, beautiful architecture and its traditional way of life as it was for many centuries, where you can witness Bhutan’s past which is still its present and tantric Buddhism way of life. To enter Bhutan with some options can drive from its neighboring east India borders of Darjeeling-Kalimpong or Sikkim or straight from the Baghdugra airport near Silguri of West Bengal India. One can take a flight from Kathmandu using its national carrier Druk Airlines which flies thrice a week to Paro International Airport of Bhutan or from other Indian cities. Once you enter Bhutan a valid Passport required obtaining instant visa where one needs to apply minimum of one week and using proper Government registered Travel Companies. Bhutan tour of great interest where you can observe from town-cities and rural country farm life in the backdrop of high snow capped peaks. Tour in Bhutan includes visiting various interesting monasteries and villages similar to Tibetan Buddhism culture, but Bhutan has more of unique Tantrism religion which is Bhutan’s famous for with its own special identity as practiced through ancient time to present. Bhutan Tour includes fabulous and impressive historical monuments, monasteries, Dzong (fort) and enjoy special Bhutanese cuisines. Bhutan Tour starts right on your arrival at Paro airport with interesting visits at places of interest, includes overnights in Bhutan capital city Thimphu with exciting and on the outskirt of the city leading to beautiful countryside at Punakha with nice pleasant walks. At Paro a scenic hike to famous Taksang Monastery Tiger’s Nest and tour of 17 th centaury Ta-Dzong, and Druk Gyaldzong. Bhutan is also famous for its colorful festival all year round to observe and to feel the happy and merry event, please let us know for the right festival and we will provide with dates and duration of respective different festivals of Bhutan.

2 Nights 3 Days Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, “The Thunder Kingdom” is the wonderland of Himalaya known for its unique cultural settlements, fortresses and unusual landscapes that range from lowland subtropical region to steep hills and deep valley.

03 Nights / 04 Days Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, the Kingdom of thunder is waiting for you to expose its untouched natural landscapes and hidden treasure of art and monasteries that date back to centuries. 3 nights 4 days Bhutan Tour package is a blueprint that

04 Nights / 05 Days Bhutan Tour

4 nights 5 days Bhutan tour is to get highlights of Bhutan. It is cultural tour exploration main historical cities and country site. Paro, Thimpu, Punakha and Tiger's Nest Monastery and Punakha Dzong is the main highlights of the tour.

5 Nights 6 Days Bhutan Tour (FLY IN FLY OUT)

Bhutan is the tiny kingdom that is nestled in between the two giant country, India and autonomous ofChina. Bhutan, the Kingdom of thunder land is also believed to be the country of “The Last Sangrila”where the majority of people

07 Nights 08 Days (FLY IN FLY OUT TOUR)

Bhutan, the tiny kingdom also known as the land of Thunder Dragon is nestled in lap of pristine natureand Himalaya. Besides from spectacular landscapes, unique and diverse culture and tradition bindspeople together and sets