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Bhutanese Culture And Life Style

Bhutanese culture and life style are vivid and colorful interwoven with the teaching of Buddhism religion, that make their life style and tradition similar to Tibetan custom, as the history shows that one time Bhutan was a separate colony of Tibet where since hundred of centuries ruled by Kings and still retaining past glory as it was for hundreds of years. Bhutanese culture and life style closely linked with farming and animal husbandry as it was in earlier days with time to worship it cultural heritage visiting monasteries of great importance and going on pilgrimage once a year during auspicious months as per Buddhist calendar. Beside farming Bhutan is rich in culture where women attire are worn with traditional dress known as Bakhu of silk and satin with woolen garments, the Bhutanese women keep their hair shorter which is quite different from its Tibetan and other similar counterparts. Bhutan with its culture worshipping good over evils and harvest festival as well welcoming New Year Losar and other events with great pomp and ceremony, like the women folks men dress with short checked skirts Bakhu with silk and satin shirts with head gear, and most of the Bhutanese always keeps holy threads of necklaces as prayer counting during their leisure and prayer time including some with prayer wheels made from wood-bronze and silvers. Bhutanese are fond of foods and merry making where you can find in Bhutan with typical Bhutanese dishes quite similar to Tibetans enjoying loaf-momo (dumpling) noodles, vegetable and great verities of meat products and dishes including rice, vegetables and fruits variations. Bhutanese life style goes all along with their old culture and traditions farming with simple happy living in the harmony of nature and words of Buddhism with some Tantrism to keep away from evil spirit where every house adorned with prayer flags and alters and burning juniper and dry azalea (dwarf rhododendron plants) as incense for morning and evening prayer. Bhutanese people are strongly intact with their culture and traditions in daily life which includes using local medicines of herbs as it was practiced sine bygone days, and still you can find Bhutanese ancient medicine with indigenous hospital, where traditional medicine is still practiced since hundreds of years. So when you travel in Bhutan you will be in the midst of its rich culture-old traditions offering you with warm hospitality and are the Bhutanese heritage way of life greetings and welcoming its guests.