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Day Tours in Tibet

Day tours in Tibet are a best way to explore Tibet within a day visit. Sightseeing tour of Potala Palace, Norbulinka Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Tibetan Museum,  Yamdrok Lake, Ganden Monastery, Drakyerpa Cave, Jokhang Temple and Namtso Lake are the main attraction for the day tours in Tibet.  Beside of this tour there are some day hiking in Lhasa, Hiking to Dakyerpa Cave hill and Sera Wutse Hiking, it is Half day hike to Sera Wutse (Top of Sera monastery) and back to Lhasa city is the best option for day tours in Tibet.

Day tours are best for those who want to do easier tour around Lhasa city. Lhasa is the main get way of Tibet while you are travelling by flight from Kathmandu or by train from mainland China.  You can do a multiple day tours in and around Lhasa as per your time schedule.  You are suggested to book the day tour in Tibet with Dream Tibet Travel and Tours to get more benefit within your short period with reasonable cost.

Yamdrok-Tso Lake Day Tour in Tibet

Yamdrok-Tso Lake day tour in the one of the best option for the day tour in Tibet, It is a holy lake in Tibet lies about 160km in southern part of Lhasa.  Yamdrok Lake is also known as the turquoise Lake in Tibet because of its color.

Ganden Monastery Day Tour in Tibet

Ganden Monastery is one of the biggest Gelug sect monasteries in Tibetan Buddhism. Founded in 15th century it’s 1409 as per the Tibetan Calendar by Tsongkhapa Lozang, the great monk from India. Ganden Monastery is 60 Kilometres Northeast

Drak Yerpa Monastery and Meditation Cave Day Tour

Drak Yerpa is 18 kilometers eastern part of Lhasa city it is knows by Bra Yer-pa in Tibetan Language, sometimes Tibetan people call it as Yerpa, Dgyerpa and Treyerpa. Drak Yerpa sightseeing tour takes 2 hours along with the Najin Road to the east