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Lhasa City Tour

Lhasa Tour is an exciting and exotic tour to the Tibetan city “The roof of world” in order to unveil the hidden treasure including outbound landmark and huge settlement of local Buddhist people. Lhasa city tour is one of highest latitude city tour of the world that includes Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, and Norbulingka Palaces, the majority of which lies in Chengguan district. Lhasa, a historical city of more than 1300 years history is a political, tourism, cultural and business hub of Tibet that stands at an elevation of 3,600m. It is nestled amidst of Tibetan plateau encompassed by stunning Himalaya ranging, 5800 m and a Tibetan river flowing nearby.

Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is the kingdom of first Tibetan emperor, Songdtan Gampo. Tibet city tour provides you the insight of untold history, culture, and religion of Tibetan Buddhist people.Tibet city has been enlisted as one of 24 historically and culturally valued cities of China. Potala palace symbolizes its identity as a political, religious, cultural and historical power of Lhasa . Jokhang Temple, a Buddhist pilgrim site, and its precious teahouse are most to visit antic place during this exciting and adventurous Tibet city tour.

Key of attraction

• Jokhang Temple- A scared man-made architecture in Tibet

• Potala Palace- Dalai Lama’s former residence and monastery

• Norbu Lingkha- Dalai Lama’s summer residence

• Roche Temple

• Gelukpa monasteries- Sera, Drepung

These outstanding cultural and religious treasures are scattered within the walking distance and is easily accessible during your Tibet city tour.

Best Seasons to Travel

Bhutan May- October is considered as the traffic season of Tibet tour when the weather is view friendly. It is worth traveling Tibet for more than 5 days or a week to explore the idyllic lakes, mountain monastery, scared Buddhist temple and hiking around Tibet encountering highland wildlife and natural scenario.

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