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Mystic and mysterious place I found in Tibet

As a writer, I need a lot of fantasy and know. To see things that no one ever sees. Mystic and mysterious place I found in Tibet, Mount Kailash. This pyramid inhabited my mind, sharpened my senses for the world, and gave me a sign of elevated intelligence. Every few years I return to this mountain by Simikot.

In the case of political, difficult travel, a reliable partner is needed. 

In November 2016, I flew to Nepal to visit Mount Kailash. The Tibet season was ended, the cold came to Darchen and almost all the guesthouses and accommodation at Mount Kailash were closed. In this time a trip to Kailash to organize is extremely difficult. Most agencies have declined or told me an Unbelievable price for the program.

Only through a good recommendation I met Ram and his company Dream Tibet Travel & Tours in Nepal. Ram and his partners have organized for me a cheap, comfortable trip through Lhasa to Mount Kailash. I stayed in the best accommodations with delicious food at Lhasa, Shigatse, Saga and Darchen. The Guide has always cared for me. After the trip peace reigned in my soul. I would like to thank you personally, Ram and his agency - Dream Tibet Travel & Tours for a relaxing, happy trip.

Love greetings

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Tibet Overland tour : Lhasa was great and Tibetans are lovely people

Hi Everyone,

The agency is Dream Tibet Travels and Tours   - they're quite easy to find on Thamel Marg just heading into heart of Thamel.  Email them and they'll come to your hotel I'm sure to take you to their office.  Very professional and good price as far as we could tell.

Ask for Ram - he was very helpful. We had a very nice time all the way from Nepal/Tibet border to Lhasa.  Driver and guide were very nice.  Would recommend. (Hi Ram, I told you I would let you know how things went). Apart from some small hiccups the ktm agency came through with the tour we did with them so can recommend.  The car they provided was a good Land Cruiser (very nice) and the thing was absolutely awesome!!  

Lhasa was great and Tibetans are lovely people we really enjoyed it!!

Train (42 hours) in soft sleeper class to Beijing was a nice bit of 1st world comfort after all the hardship - even had piped oxygen on train and food was great and really cheap (meal for 20 rmb about $3,50).  

Thanks again for everything....

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Great time in Tibet

Hi Ram,

We had a great time in Tibet. The guide and driver have done an excellent job so far and the hotel is good. The yak butter tea wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I still prefer Nepali tea-Ha!

I have given your email address to several people who are interested in travelling to Tibet and Bhutan /or Nepal tours/treks

Good Luck for Dream Tibet Travel !

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