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Tibet Visa and Permit Information

All foreigners other than Chinese and Tibetan need to obtain Tibet travel permit to enter Tibet. Tibet visa called Tibet permit. It is also called invitation letter. It is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tourist / foreigners can not apply their Tibet travel permit themselves. Tibet tourism bureau only accept application from registered travel companies like Dream Tibet Travel and Tour. Tibet visa or Tibet permit comes in paper, not in your passport.   

It is very important to know that Tibet permit and Chinese visa is different. You cannot enter Tibet just with Chinese visa. Before entering, you should obtain Tibet permit with the help of registered travel companies.   

Require document for Tibet Permit/ Tibet Visa.

1.      At least six month valid your passport copy. You can send us your passport front page by mail, Viber, Whats App, face book or via any other social Medias.

2.      Chinese visa copy by mail or via any social Medias. (Only for those tourist, who are entering Tibet from mainland China)

3.      Have to fill up a form from Chinese Embassy Kathmandu with your latest passport size of a picture. This is only case, if you are travelling from Nepal. (Dream Tibet Travels and Tours manage will manage it)

It takes about one week time to get Tibet travel permit approval from Tibet tourism bureau. It might take longer than a week in keep season time. So applying your Tibet permit before 15 days is safe way.

Special Note: Diplomats passport holders, Journalists, professional media photographer and government officials are not able to issue their Tibet permit through ordinary travel agencies. They are only able to get Tibet travelling permit under the arrangement of Foreign Affairs. We should know it earlier than applying your permit.

Tibet permit and Visa cost:

Other Nationalities: USD 85 per person

American Nationality: USD 175 per person

Romanian passport holder: USD 115 per person

Canadian passport holder: USD 155 per person   


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