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Lumbini Day Tour

Lumbini Day Tour

Overview And Highlights

Lumbini, the world-famous Buddhist pilgrimage, is located in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. Lumbini is known as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam, also known as the Gautam Buddha. It is a very popular tourist destination. It houses many significant historical, religious, and cultural monuments.

Lumbini lies in the Rupandehi district of  Lumbini province, which is located southwest of Kathmandu. Reaching the tourist destination of Lumbini has two options. An air-based journey is a flight from Kathmandu to Bhairawa, and land-based travel is made by traveling through public buses or rented private vehicles.

Our Lumbini Day tour package will be a brief and comfortable traveling package. It will include a flight from Kathmandu to Bhairawa and a day full of Lumbini tours. The Lumbini Day Tour package will allow you to explore this sacred and holy region and its monuments with knowledgeable guides and on our well-planned itinerary.

Itinerary Expand All Close All

The itinerary we have planned for you will be short but has a lot of activities. They are broken down further based on your location and destination for easy understanding. 

●    Pick up from Hotel - Our crew will receive you via private vehicles and escort you to the airport for the flight. The flight will leave early in the morning.

●    Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahwa- You will fly to the Gautam Buddha Airport from Tribhuvan Aiport through the domestic terminal. This will take about 30 minutes.
●    Road trip from Bhairahwa to Lumbini- After you land at the Gautam Buddha Airport, you will have to travel to Lumbini by road. You will be taken to the destination by our rented private jeep. This will be a short 30-minute drive. We aim to reach Bhairahwa by 11 in the morning. 
●    Lunch at a local place-  The tourist site at Lumbini does not have shops, hotels, or restaurants; it is a protected area consisting of monasteries. So, before going to the tourist area, you will have lunch in a nearby restaurant. 
●    Exploring the sites- After lunch, you will walk to the holy site of Lumbini to explore the popular tourist destinations. This will include visits to places like the Mayadevi temple, World peace stupa, the Monastic zone, Lumbini sacred, the Ashoka pillar,  Pushkarini(the sacred pond), and the Lumbini museum. Garden. 

Our guides and translators will be there to give you an idea of the place’s significance historically, culturally, religiously, and archaeologically. You can also buy gifts and souvenirs nearby. A full day of exploration will bring your mind at ease as the place is quaint and peaceful. It brings you a step closer to understanding the Buddhist way of life.
●    A tea break before the road trip returning to Bhairahwa- After you are done with your Lumbini exploration, you will eat something before heading back. This part of the tour is planned to be over by 5 in the evening. 
●    Road- trip back to Bhairhwa- After you grab a bite, you will head back to the Siddhartha Gautam airport for a flight back to Kathmandu. You will be carried in the same rented jeep you traveled in the morning.
●    Flight back to Kathmandu - You will board a flight at 6:30 pm at the Siddhartha Gautam airport. The flight will take you back to Kathmandu, and you will reach Tribhuvan International airport within half an hour. Your tour is guaranteed to finish by 8 pm at the latest.
●    Dinner at Kathmandu- After reaching Kathmandu, you will be provided with a social dinner as per your package. You need not rush back to your hotel and plan your meal.
●    Drop off at your hotel- After dinner, we will drop you off back at the hotel you are staying in, just like in the morning.


What Is Included ?

What Is Excluded?


Is touring Lumbini in a day possible?

If you choose to travel to Lumbini from other cities via air, then your Lumbini trip will be quite short. You can finish the tour within 24 hours. But choosing to travel by road from other cities might not be possible in a day.

Do I need a permit to visit the sacred sites?

No, you will not require any permits or have any restrictions on visiting the place. It is open to visits for people around the world.

How much luggage should I carry?

You should carry minimal to no luggage at all. The tour will be short, and we will cover every essential item for you. You can carry an extra pair of clothing, your portable devices, and their chargers.

Do I need to carry extra cash?

You do not need to carry cash for the essential part of the tour. But you can carry money to buy souvenirs or donation to the monasteries. Only carry extra money for extravagant activities.

Are there any dietary restrictions for a visit?

As mentioned before, you do not have any restaurants within the holy sites. But you will have a variety of food items available in the restaurant-accessible places. It will not be much different from the food you are served in Kathmandu.

What is the best time to visit Lumbini?

The best experience of a Lumbini visit would be a trip from April to May. During this season lies the Buddha Jayanti(birthday of Gauta Buddha), and the environment of Lumbini is very festive and beautiful at that time of the year.

Is the tour family-friendly?

Yes, the trip is very much family-friendly. The flight-based tour to Lumbini will save you from motion sickness and other hassles caused by a long road trip. 

Is the trip package solo?

The package for this trip ranges from 2 to 12 individuals. But we encourage you to travel in a group. This will make your experience more sociable and fun.

Why is the trip as expensive as a 3 day packaged road trip?

Since we will take you to Lumbini and back to Kathmandu by flight, the travel cost will naturally be a bit more expensive. This will make your trip convenient, short, and hassle-free but will cost you a few extra bucks.

How much will the Lumbini Day Tour cost?

The total price for the Lumbini Day tour will amount to USD.

Why do the Lumbini Day Tour?

The Lumbini Day Tour package will cover your Lumbini travel plans. It will be swift, light, and enchanting. You will enjoy the region to the fullest yet easily be able to finish it in less than 24 hours. You do not need to carry anything heavy or worry about planning a travel itinerary. Everything you need for a peaceful, memorable, short, and quaint journey to Lumbini will be covered. 
The packet cost is also quite reasonable and comes with our professional guides to help you learn about the place. If you have any further queries, you can contact us.

Traveller Useful Information

These are some of the minute points you need to be aware of throughout this trip.

  • The Lumbini area lies in the southern planes of Nepal, which is very hot. So, do not carry warm clothes for the tour except during the winter.
  • The tour will be very short, so you do not need to bring a piece of heavy luggage.
  • The tour will be fast-paced, so you must keep in mind not to stall.
  • If you wish to have the best experience of a Lumbini visit, plan your trip from April to May. During this season lies the Buddha Jayanti(birthday of Gauta Buddha), and the environment of Lumbini is very festive and beautiful at that time of the year.

Lumbini is a very peaceful and beautiful tourist destination. It is very sacred among Buddhist pilgrims. A basic understanding of the place's historical, religious, and archaeological importance is broken down.

The historical significance of Lumbini

It is believed that Siddhartha Gautam, the prince of the Shakya dynasty, who later went to be renowned as Gautam Buddha, was born here. The history of the Shakya dynasty lies in this region. The Mayadevi temple, an ode to Siddhartha Gautam’s mother, also lies here. It is also believed that queen Maya Devi took a holy bath at the sacred pond adjacent to the Mayadevi temple.

The Ashoka pillar, built by king Ashoka of Pataliputra (currently Bihar of India), also carries a great historical significance. It is believed that he was a great disciple of Buddha and commemorated the pillar as a memorial. This also proves that diplomacy between Nepal and India has a very ancient history.

The religious significance of Lumbini 

As mentioned before, Lumbini is considered the birthplace of our Gautam Buddha. This fact gives the area of Lumbini a great religious significance. It is considered sacred to Buddhists as Jerusalem is to Christians, and Mecca is to Muslims. The monastic zone, the peace pagoda, the Maya Devi temple, the Lumbini garden, etc., are also considered religious heritages.

The archaeological significance of Lumbini  

The Lumbini area has had various ancient archaeological discoveries. Research done by UNESCO supported by the National Geographical Society has said that the layers of brick underneath the Ashoka pillar are older than the Ashoka pillar itself. The existence of the Ashoka pillar is also a very significant factor for Lumbini archaeologically.  

The research done by digging beneath the ancient tree shrine shows proof of brick structures dating back to 550 B.C. 

Researchers have also, in certain research, concluded that there was an existence of a Buddhist-monastery-like community here around 1000B.C. Proof of the practice of religion similar to the current practices of Buddhism is evident. They are said to be dating back as far as the Ashokan era. 

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